Competitive Exhibits

It saddens us greatly to go another year without an in-person fair and an opportunity to showcase our beloved Still Exhibits. While we must cancel the 2021 Competitive Still Exhibits, we look forward to their return in 2022. Thank you to all our participants over the years; we have loved showcasing the incredible talents of our community and look forward to the return of this incredible fair tradition.


“As we approach another year with no in-person Merced County Fair, we greatly miss the sights, sounds and experiences that come with our annual event – especially our Still Exhibits. We are disappointed that we will not have the opportunity to display the hard work of our incredible community for attendees to enjoy,” said Carol Sartori-Silva, Merced County Fair Board President. “These exhibits are what make the Merced County Fair so unique and is a top highlight for Fairgoers that is greatly missed, along with our other annual fair traditions.”


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