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Competitive Exhibits

The tradition of Competitive Exhibits is still alive and well in Merced! Be sure to stop by each of the exhibit buildings below and see the incredible talents of Merced County residents! Interested in showcasing your own talents? Below are the various competitive exhibits that we feature each year! Remember, it is FREE to enter. Are you interested in participating in the 2024 Merced County Fair Competitive Exhibits? The 2024 Still Exhibits Handbook will be available in March! 

Agricultural Mechanics (Half Dome Hall) 

FFA members are actively learning what it takes to develop, maintain and refurbish equipment for specialized farm, ranch and agribusinesses. Swing on by Half Dome Hall to see who takes home the top prizes in this year’s contests, which include small engines projects as well as small, medium and large equipment. Then don’t forget about the Merced County Farm Bureau’s Wine Tasting Area!

Agriculture & Horticulture (Tioga Hall) 

Don’t miss the chance to see locally grown fruits and vegetables, plus some of the Fairgoers favorite contests such as: Hay Growers, Scarecrow, Melon Decorating, Mr. or Mrs. Potato Head, Farm Junk – Yard Sculpture and Tallest Weed contests. All of this and more is in the Tioga Hall.

Emanuel Medical Center Arts Pavilion

This is a “must-stop” on your trip to the Fair! In this one building, see the incredible Kids’ & Fine Art, Home Arts and 4-H entries! Discover the incredible talents of Merced County residents – paintings, ceramics, photography, baked goods, woodworking and more! Plus don’t forget about the popular Home Arts “Day Of” Contests! More details are coming soon.



This Fair favorite is back with your favorites like Garden in a Wheelbarrow, Professional and Amateur Gardens, Dried/Silk Flower Arrangements, Wreaths and more! More details coming soon. 


The exhibition of Livestock gives Fair patrons the opportunity to explore farm animals up-close in an effort to educate the public on one of the many facets that make up our agricultural industry. These livestock events help to create the next generation of men and women in agriculture and by participating in these events, 4-H, FFA and Independent students not only have the opportunity to showcase and sell their animal projects, they also learn responsibility and gain agribusiness experience. Interested in participating as a Livestock exhibitor? Then go to this page.


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