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Mireille Moreno

Le Grand 4-H

Le Grand Elementary School


“My name is Mireille Moreno. I will be going into the 7th grade this next school year. I currently attend Le Grand Elementary School with my little sister and older brother who is also in 4-H. I joined 4-H because I thought it would be fun and exciting to start raising livestock. 


This is my second year raising market hogs. My pig’s name is Comet. He is a male Hampshire Cross Breed and he has been a wonderful project for this year. I enjoy raising animals because it teaches me how to be more responsible. I hope to raise a lamb in the upcoming year. 


When I’m not raising my hog, I enjoy playing video games like “Minecraft” and “Terraria.” I also love drawing and making animations. I also enjoy hanging out with friends and going to school!”

Mireille Moreno_pig.jpg
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