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Michael Pellicano

Lancers 4-H

2020 graduate of Buhach Colony High School


Michael has been a member of the Lancers 4-H club for the past four years. Being a member of the 4-H has allowed Michael the opportunity to engage with a wide range of individuals; through this he has developed strong friendships as well as learned a great deal of responsibility.  Michael has grown up on his family farm in El Nido, California. It is here that he has learned what hard work means when you are working in the agriculture industry.  Through his involvement with 4-H and raising a swine project for the past four years, he has had a greater understanding of the importance of proper care and feeding of animals. 


Michael joined the 4-H to learn and grow from the interactions with his peers. He took an interest in raising swine. With great success, each year his project placed first in class. This year will be an exception. However, he has demonstrated the same care and dedication to his project animal Lulu. Michael has spent countless hours with Lulu ensuring that she has the proper nutrition and care. Lulu by far is the best project animal he has raised during the past four years. Michael is grateful for the opportunity to participate in the Merced County Fair Virtual Livestock Sale and looks forward to any community support!

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