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Liam Matos

St. Anthony's 4-H

5th Grader at St. Anthony's School

Liam is a St. Anthony's 4-H student and has just completed his 5th grade year at St. Anthony School. Learn more about Liam's project and why he joined 4-H below!

Liam raised Registered Jersey Dairy Cattle, including a heifer replacement, a senior calf, a junior calf, and a milk cow. He will be selling his Registered Jersey Heifer Replacement at the Heifer Replacement Sale on Friday, June 9th at 7:30pm. He also raised poultry and will be showing his various poultry breeds.


Liam started 4-H as mini member. He likes being part of his 4-H club and all the opportunities he has had.


4-H is important to him because it has taught him leadership skills, how to raise and take care of livestock, in particular dairy and poultry. He enjoys working with his animals, and learning how to prepare them for show and market.

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