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Kayla Johnson

Le Grand 4-H

7th Grader at Cruickshank Middle School


“I got involved in 4-H because my mom did it as a kid. I love raising animals and being in 4-H. 4-H has taught me so much about responsibility, community and how to work as a team. 


My beautiful Duroc Gilt is named Reba. I purchased her from No Limit Genetics on February 1, 2020. She weighed 60 lbs. She quickly grew, becoming without a doubt, the Alpha Female of the pig barn. Reba started out on free feed and a strict twice-a-day walking routine. We quickly found out that she is quite the eater and had to pull the free feeder from the pen. My daily routine has now changed to hand feeding twice-a-day and continuing her twice-a-day walking routine. I really feel that she had a real shot at becoming GRAND CHAMPION this year!


Some other activities I participate in are softball and cheer. I love school and hope to attend UCSB and become a surgical nurse.”

Kayla Johnson_Le Grand 4-H (2).jpeg
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