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Dylan Cardey

McSwain 4-H

6th Grader at McSwain School


Dylan runs on the McSwain Cross Country team and is involved in many endeavors through 4-H. His 4-H projects include computer science, archery, communications, goats and rabbits. He serves on the McSwain 4-H Leadership Team as Sergeant at Arms. He recently participated in the first-ever Virtual State Communications Day, winning a gold medal with his speech, "Stand Up for Science". Dylan's future goals are to attend Fresno State and pursue a career in public speaking.


Dylan has been raising rabbits and goats for four years. He has a large Mini-Rex breeding rabbit project and is breeding and showing his rabbits at ARBA shows throughout California. This is his first year raising a meat pen of market rabbits. His meat pen consists of one buck and two does. He has worked hard this year caring for them and keeping them cool in warm weather. He weighs them frequently, adjusting their feed to make sure they are at the optimal weight by sale time.


Dylan has raised a market goat he purchased from his brother, who bred him. He has been involved in the care and management of his goat, Louie since he was a few weeks old. Louie is large and over 100 lbs., but Dylan is tough and determined when handling him. Since participating, 4-H has taught Dylan about setting goals, being focused in your plans and dreaming big to accomplish great things!

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