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Courtney Fernandes

Dos Palos Community 4-H

5th Grader at Marks Elementary School


Courtney has been involved in 4-H since she was 5 years old. She’s currently serving as the 2019-2020 treasurer. Courtney loves 4-H; it’s what she’s most passionate about. It’s where she’s learned to come out of her shell, met some of her best friends and gets to do what she loves most: show her animals.


Courtney has been raising and showing animals since she joined 4-H as a primary member. She has raised chickens, Pygmy goats, a lamb, market goat, steers and breeding cattle. Her favorite of all of them has been cattle. Courtney’s family runs a herd of Maine Anjou cattle and she has started a small herd of Charolais. She has shown her cattle with great success up and down the state and in Arizona and Oregon too. This would have been Courtney’s second year showing a market beef at the fair. She was going to show her steer, BFG (Big Friendly Giant), and her breeding cattle at the Merced Fair. She is thankful she has the opportunity to market her steer in the first-ever Merced County Fair Virtual Livestock Sale.


Courtney says her steer, BFG, has been a fun project. She’s been taking care of him for the past 7 months. She loves going out to the barn and feeding him (twice a day), taking him for walks and giving him lots of baths to keep him clean and cool. She’s been feeding him high quality feed (grain and oat hay) and thinks he has finished out nicely on it. She worked hard together with him as a team so they could do a good job in the show ring. Courtney trained BFG how to set up, or pose, perfectly and stand still so the judge could get a good view of him. She’s proud of all of her hard work and I knows she has raised a quality animal.

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