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Gabriel Aguilar

Livingston FFA

Senior at Livingston High School


Gabriel Aguilar attends Livingston High School and is a senior. .Here's what he has to say about his project(s), and why he became involved in FFA.

"My projects include Market Lamb and having a Show Bird. When it comes to my Market Lamb, my responsibilities include feeding, cleaning, and working with them. This may take from anywhere to an hour or two. When working with my lamb, this includes bracing and walking. When it comes to my Show Bird, I ensure they are well-fed, their area is clean, and I also practice showmanship with them as well.


I decided to get involved in FFA because I wanted to grow more as a person and leader. Coming into FFA where the only agricultural aspect that I was familiar with was farm work, I decided to get more involved to learn about FFA and all it has to offer. This being conferences, CDE teams, LDE team, and managing our own SAE project.

FFA is very important to me. It has helped shape me into the person I am today. Being in FFA for my 4 years in High School has given me numerous opportunities that have helped me drastically. This being in making connections with others, or even just being able to learn valuable skills that benefit me in the long run. Without FFA, I wouldn’t have the confidence that I now have."

Gabriel Aguilar, Livingston FFA

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