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Blake Porter

Le Grand 4-H Club


“Hello, my name is Blake. I lead activities for Le Grand 4-H club. I'm 11 years old and this is my 2nd year raising a pig for my 4-H project. Just a short while ago back in February I picked up my gilt, Itchy. I chose a Duroc breed because to me they seem calmer when walking them and they also look very chill.


I named my pig Itchy because he really liked to scratch up against the fence and looked like it was rocking out. 


I had some trouble with my pig in teaching her to walk. She did not want to listen to the whip at first and we realized my pig was lonely so we let the dog walk with her and it worked! Then when my brother’s pig was ready to walk with her, she was happy!


After months of walking her every day, she walks good and would've probably done good in the show.


I’ve learned a lot this year including how to make some wet food for the pigs which they really liked and learned how to walk a pig better. I’m really proud of myself for all my effort!”

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