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Andrew Moreno

Le Grand 4-H

Le Grand Elementary


“My name is Andrew Moreno and I’m an 8th grader at Le Grand Elementary where I recently just graduated. I wanted to join 4-H because it looked like a lot of fun and I wanted to learn about farm animals. My first project I had was a lamb.  


My sheep’s name is Toffee. I named my sheep Toffee because she always ends up a brown color at the end of the day. I enjoy walking my sheep daily because it helps me discover her personality. She is very single-minded and focused on eating all the time. Toffee tends to be somewhat stubborn at times. I enjoy having to wash, walk and train her. She gets very anxious when she is alone and will always try to get attention. She has a good memory and I can call her with a few claps and she will run alongside me. My experience with the sheep has been very educational. Toffee has taught me many things such as how to be patient, responsible how to care for another being. 


When I am not working with my sheep, I like to work with technology. I am very technologically aware and can fix and work with most types of technology. I play lots of video games on my free time and sometimes with friends. I do lots of other activities on my free time such as sports, hiking, bike riding and volunteering. One of my favorite franchises of all time is Star Wars! I have many Star Wars collectables and mementos that I like to collect.”

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