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Alyssa Vander Woude

Stone Ridge Christian FFA

Senior at Stone Ridge Christian High School


Alyssa is a senior at Stone Ridge Christian High School and has been involved in our FFA program since it started in 2017. She has been showing Dairy Heifers with us for the past 3 years and has served as our chapter Historian and Vice President. She has also competed in Milk Quality and Products Judging and Job Interview throughout her years as a member. 


Alyssa had been showing in 4-H for 6 years prior to her joining our chapter. When our chapter first started her sophomore year, she quickly became involved and wanted to take advantage of all the opportunities FFA provided. She still remains a member of 4-H and has been growing as a leader and using her previous experiences to help other members of the chapter. This year, she is selling her last Dairy Replacement Heifer, Freya. She has been raising and training Freya since late January and is so thankful that the fair is still providing a way for all exhibitors to sell their animals that they have been working hard to prepare for the fair.

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